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Talk 2 Me Baby - Coming Soon to the Windows Universal App Store

Talk 2 Me Baby is a Universal Windows Application that uses Speech Synthesis and Artificial Intelligence test user knowledge of commonly asked questions in categories of but not limited to .NET, SQL, C#, Java and MVC. If the device that you are using has a microphone and speakers, you can interact with Talk 2 Me Baby by speaking your answers to questions that she will be asking you and she will talk back to you through your speakers or headphones letting you know if you fully or partially answered the question correctly.

If the device you are using does not have a microphone and speakers, then Talk 2 Me Baby will communicate via your device’s screen only.

You can ask Talk 2 Me Baby to search for questions with specific keywords for a topic and she will retrieve both the question and the answer if it is available in her repository.

Now, Talk 2 Me Baby is only available for Windows desktop, laptop and phone devices. Soon we hope to bring Talk 2 Me Baby to both Android and iOS devices.

This is our first version of Talk 2 Me Baby. We will be adding questions and improvements regularly so please patient. We love all feedback, support or constructive criticism you may have. You can send us an email at

To utilize Talk 2 Me Baby, you must have an internet connection. In the future, you may be able to use Talk 2 Me Baby offline.

Important Legal Stuff

Legal stuff. Use this product at your own risk. There are warranties or promises made to accuracy of the information provide via the Talk 2 Me Baby App or the web site. We make every effort to ensure that the questions and the answers provided are accurate to the best of our ability. If there are mistakes or you don’t agree with a question or answer, please feel free to contact us via our contact phone on our web site at

More Legal Stuff. If you use Talk 2 Me Baby on a cellular network, you may incur overage charges depending on your cellphone plan. To avoid these charges, use Talk 2 Me Baby with an ISP that you can afford.

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