Software & Technology Solution Provider


“Ask not! What you can do for your data? Ask what your data can do for you!” Percy L.G. Herold, Retired Master Carpenter, Accomplished Software Architect and Aspiring Data Scientist.

PLGH Advisors is
a privately held technology solutions company. Our focus is to partner with your business to address challenges your organization will face such as navigating the digital transformation, understanding and harnessing the power of big data and using predictive analytics to stay head of curve.
PLGH does more
than just build web sites and install software. We take it a step further and help you effectively grow and market your business to its fullest potential! Today’s companies are faced with a plethora of challenges. A PLGH business specialist can work with you to overcome these challenges by customizing an integrated technology solutions package.
PLGH enterprise technology solutions
are highly scalable and adaptive – regardless if your I.T. assets reside on premise or in the cloud – we can help! We understand that you want to get the most of out your business capital. PLGH will offer you a tailored business strategy to work within your budget and help defray initial technology expenditures and get most return on your investment.