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UIC School of Public Health Faculty, Staff and Student Profile Application Upgrade

New profile design with a responsive layout.

Completely revamped and re-designed the Faculty, Staff & Student Profile web application for UIC’s School of Public Health. This application is used to showcase and highlight the amazing and important work and research that members of UIC’s School of Public Health offer to prospective students and provide a detail biography of who each member is. To view the application please visit

This specific application is mini web application that wrap within the school’s external facing Drupal web site. The original application was created using .NET web forms and an older standard of HTML & CSS. To match the modern responsive design of the schools current Drupal web site, I implement Bootstrap for the application. Some of the other major challenges and issues we had to address with the upgrade and maintenance of this application were the following:

  • Handle profiles with incomplete or minimum amount of information
  • Provide business logic and code to correctly format references for each publication type that profile members have published based upon rules of American Psychological Association
  • Create an elegant and simple solution to handler members who have more than 20 publications listed for their profile
  • Improve the search functionality to find profile members using either full or partial first and last names or by email only
  • Provide a quality product at reasonable price in a timely manner

To create a cleaner looking web site design, the business owners like my recommendation of splitting up the profile information into separate tabs. In the original design, all the information was laid out in a single page which forced a lot of vertical scrolling. We organized all the information into four separate tabs: Biography, Education & Interests, Publications and Awards. The publications tab was the most challenging because we a few profile members who have authored nearly 75 publications. To solved this problem, I created dynamic links to paginated between 5 to 8 publications at one time.

The business owners had consider outsourcing this project to a third-party vendor. After receiving two quotes well above $12,000 with a turn-around time roughly between 2 to 3 months, I was able to complete the entire project within a month and half. I estimated the cost saving of keeping this project in house at about $7,000.

The original application only let you search by last name.

Old design and layout with outdated HTML and CSS standards.

New and improve search results.

The old search function.

Original search results with a non-responsive design.

An incomplete profile automatically defaults to the information that is available for a given profile.

Old partial design and layout.

New search capability using either full or partial first or last names and by email.