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Project Profile: The Original is the online presence of Prestige Refinishing Shop of Houston, Texas. Prestige is an antique restoration company that specializes in furniture reproductions and custom furniture designs as well.

PLGH Advisors created from scratch. Creating this web site we used the traditional SDLC process based upon a three tier architectural approach. We designed the company logo, in addition provided a general template for all web pages for the user interface.

All photography and videos were shot and videotaped by us as well. One of business requirements that we used for easier site navigation is to have dynamic links. If you click on the “About Us” page, once redirected on our web site the “About Us” page link will disappear.

The backend of is powered my Microsoft SQL Server Azure. All images that are displayed under the “Shop for furniture by our categories” are stored in SQL Server instead of using space on the web server. The reason why we did this is created images on the fly using a handler from one high resolution images instead of having a thumbnail and other sizes stored on a file server like most traditional web sites.

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Antiques By Prestige.