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Let PLGH Advisors Help You Sell Your Home Starting at $6/month.

A friend called me to get assistance with selling their home. Believe it or not, being a computer programmer & master carpenter, over the years I have received several of these type of requests. More often than not, when people sell their homes they typically will refinish or touch up their furniture as well.

My friend had listed their home with a real estate agent and on several popular home listing sites. There main concern with a majority of the home listing site(s) was it did not allow them the flexibility to upload videos or as many pictures of their home as they wanted. Also most of the sites have a bunch of web ads which can be distracting. The layout was not responsive which meant it was okay on a desktop computer but did scale well for mobile devices which usually have small screen sizes. Their biggest concerns were with the lack of ability to tell how many people actually were visiting their page or an easy way to contact them directly with questions about their home.

I decided to launch provides home owners a responsive ad free web site to help solicit prospective home buyers. Using our standard BuyOurHome template, you can host up to 30 images plus three five minute videos. Our standard template includes an area for a heading, both a features and a fact at-a-glance areas, a map link to the property and a simple contact us web form to have requests routed directly to the home owner(s). Another important feature are free basic web analytics describing when people are visiting your web page.

Starting at $69 a month, PLGH Advisors will provide our BuyOurHome template and host all your images and videos as well. For more information please go to our contact us page or simply click here.

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